A major source of information for this web site is from the book Stoneleigh Abbey. The House, Its Owners, Its Lands (ISBN0904201058)

* Ref George Demidowicz

  • Special thanks to George Demidowicz who's detailed research & maps are used throughout this web site as well as Robert Bearman & Stoneleigh Abbey Ltd for their permission to use this material.
  • Thanks to Martin Collins in helping source information & images on Stareton during WW2. Martin is an authority on WWII hospitals in the UK and published many books on the subject. (see Link)

** Ref Warwickshire County Record Office
  • Thanks to Warwickshire County Record Office for allowing the use of images from their data base & sponsored by Enrich Lottery Funded, Warwickshire County Council, shakespeare Birthplace trust, Warwickshire Castle & Compton Verney. (see Link) "Windows on Warwickshire" aims to promote access to historic collections representing the very best of Warwickshire's heritage, culture and personalities.Permission must be sought from the County Record Office before these images can be reproduced.
*** Winthrope A. Jackson Jr
  • Winthrop A. Jackson Jr  was a keen photographer throughout his life and he was responsible for recording most of the images from the Stareton US base during World War II. For more information and images please see his families web site that is dedicated to both Winthrop Jackson Jr and his son.
**** N.W. Alcock
  • Dr N.W. Alcock auther of 'People at Home' Living in a Warwickshire Village 1500-1800.


***** Stoneleigh Abbey Ltd

  • Thanks to Stoneleigh Abbey Ltd for allowing the reproduction of their maps & images many of which are held at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Department.