1939 to 1945. Stareton was used as a US military hospital during the Second World War.

Located near Baginton Airfield (Coventry), airmen were brought to the camp for rehabilitation in the barracks located in the fields North of Stareton. It was operated by the 307th Station Hospital US Army & was given a hospital plant No. 4167. Some of the huts still remain on Abbey Fields as well as a high training wall in the woodlands.

Aerial photograph of the camp from English Heritage.

A-20 & B-26 instructional air frames ***

B-17 air frame Summer, 1944 - Convalescing from war wounds, airmen maintained old skills and learned new ones at the army rehabilitation center at Stareton. ***

On May 8th, 1944 , Lt. Jackson Jr received serious flak wounds in the left leg on a "NOBALL" mission to Sottevast, France. Jackson said he felt it was like being hit with a baseball bat in the leg. The shock knocked him out for several seconds. With one engine out and Jackson losing a lot of blood, the crew decided to land on the southeast coast of England at RAF Ford, near Winchester. Jackson was rushed to a nearby hospital. The doctors never dug out all the metal from his leg. They said they would have to cut his leg to ribbons to do so. He spent 9 months convalescing in England (Stareton), finally returning to the USA in February, 1945.  ***

Lt. Jackson Jr (right) ***

remaining training wall & barracks 2010

Please follow this LINK to a personal account from Eva Coad from WW2 in Leamington Spa including memories of friendships with the recuperating US soldiers from Stareton. 'WW2 People's War is an online archive of wartime memories contributed by members of the public and gathered by the BBC.