Tanatara Lodge (2010)

The line of trees that lead up to Tantara Lodge within the park, date back to the period before both the Lodge & the Stoneleigh Deer Park. This path, now on the golf course, represents part of the ancient tree lined route that went from Stareton pools to Bubbenhall called Cloude Lane. These tress are actually illustrated on the early plans for the park (see link).

Tantara Lodge photograph1860 ** Warwickshire County Record Office PH480/12

A sketch of the entrance to Stoneleigh Deer Park. It has been called Bubbenhall Lodge, London Lodge & Tantara Lodge. This is an extract recording the visit of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert on 14th-16th June 1858. The Queen had come to Warwickshire to open the People's Park at Aston and her reception at Stoneleigh was a brilliant occasion. *